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Benefits at glance

A personal Trust delivering

  • Cost and tax-efficient multi-generational estate planning, letting you pass on more of your wealth
  • A confidential Trust structure to carry out your instructions on the distribution of the assets within the Trust following death
  • Giving your family access to the wealth as soon as possible, potentially without estate and probate duties
  • Managed by fully-regulated Trust experts, ensuring your family’s financial future is in the right hands

An open architecture investment account providing

  • Access to a unique platform putting you in control of exploring the full investment options to grow your wealth
  • Relatively low lump-sum investment, so you can start building your wealth early
  • The ability to switch investments free of the usual bid/offer spreads, giving you a low-cost solution to maximise your investments
  • 24/7/365 online access to monitor your portfolio, so you can modify your investment approach quickly

A choice of investment options giving

  • Complete flexibility on whether you want to invest a lump-sum only, a regular amount only or a combination of the two
  • Your regular investment amount can be changed according to your financial situation at the time
  • No penalty for missing regular payments or making withdrawals with access to at least 80% of your capital. The only requirement is that the target investment amount is met at the end of the term

Investment calculator

Simply enter your details and select the relevant product to find out what amount you might expect FlexMax to return at the end of your investment term.