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Functioning in much the same way as a bank account, but holding securities instead of cash, the FlexMax Investment Account is easy to set up, simple to run and combines flexibility with maximum investment choice – without the need to invest vast sums of money.

Investment access - The FlexMax Investment Account offers full open architecture for investment choices from just GBP 20,000 – a level of access to investment options which is normally reserved for individuals with substantial sums to invest.

Investment choice – Our Investment Account offers access to more than 37,000 funds worldwide via fund platforms, as well as a host of other investments. The account holds all the client’s liquid investable funds, with trust wrappers and pension wrappers also available.

Simple and flexible - The Investment Account is easy to set-up and there are no underwriting or age restrictions. The account’s flexibility also means that you can quickly and easily change your investments to capitalise on growth opportunities. And with our low fees you won’t lose all your profits in dealing charges.

On-line control – Our Investment Account’s on-line access facility means clients can get portfolio valuations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Investor protection – All assets are held in segregated client accounts so there is no balance sheet risk as there would be with the traditional insurance company model. This means that if Cornhill were to cease to exist your money would not disappear with it. Standard EU depositor protection also applies with protection of up to EUR 50,000.

Investment calculator

Simply enter your details and select the relevant product to find out what amount you might expect FlexMax to return at the end of your investment term.